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Brisbane Self Publishing Service is a one-stop, independent self-publishing company providing author publishing services, including editing, book design, ebook conversion, audiobook production and book printing. Our priority is to ensure that you get exactly what you want for your published book. With our friendly, down-to-earth approach, we constantly strive to support and empower writers on their self-publishing journey.

Meet the Team

Brisbane Self Publishing Service is managed by editor & publication designer, Kirsty Ogden – with assistance from editor & copywriter, Patrice Shaw and, more recently, from editor & author, Jacki Ferro,  and accreditated editors & proofreaders, Rebecca McCallion and Charlotte Cottier.

Kirsty and Patrice originally met at the University of Southern Queensland while studying for a post-graduate qualification in Editing and Publishing. They were delighted to discover that they shared a passion for books and had a similar approach to editing and publishing, but also had skills that complemented each other. With this in mind, they formed their publishing partnership.

Over time, this strategic alliance has grown, with audiobook professional Simone Feiler now also making a contribution to the Brisbane Self Publishing Service team.

Kirsty Ogden

Kirsty Ogden

A freelance publication designer and editor, Kirsty Ogden is committed to helping writers self publish eloquent, polished and attractively presented books. With over 20 years’ industry experience in graphic design, desktop publishing, editing and librarianship, she has expertise in all aspects of print publication.

A self-confessed bibliophile, Kirsty is familiar with the numerous benefits of ebooks but her preference is for printed books.

Patrice Shaw

Patrice Shaw

Patrice Shaw is a freelance editor, proofreader and copywriter. Devoted to the written word, fiction is her first love but she can be coerced to edit all types of writing. She has worked with authors who have self-published the following genres: thrillers, history, children’s fiction, fantasy, young adult, short stories, memoir, women’s interests, self-help and general fiction.

Patrice has a way with words and enjoys reading grammar books for fun!

Jacki Ferro

Jacki Ferro

Jacki Ferro is an editor and author who specialises in working with memoir and family history writers. Jacki believes in the power of stories to both educate and entertain. Working closely with authors, Jacki guides them to uncover the transformative lessons that inspire personal growth and social change.

With post-graduate qualifications in writing and editing, plus a business degree majoring in public relations, Jacki is a highly skilled communication professional. She is also the co-author of Alice’s Daughter: Lost Mission Child (AIATSIS, 2017).

Jacki admires mavericks like Russell Brand and John Safran, and is always quick with a Paulo Coelho quote.

Charlotte Cottier

Charlotte Cottier

With a background in business administration and academia, Charlotte Cottier is an experienced editor who enjoys working with authors of non-fiction manuscripts. Helping writers and researchers to tell their stories, whether real or imaginary, is her special superpower! Charlotte has a Master of Arts in Editing and Publishing degree and qualified as an Accredited Editor with the Institute of Professional Editors in 2012.

In her spare time, Charlotte loves honing her word and number skills with cryptic crosswords and sudoku puzzles.

Rebecca McCallion

Rebecca McCallion

With experience in content writing, publication design and editorial roles, both in Australia and Europe, Rebecca McCallion is a talented publishing creative. Her expertise includes book, magazine and academic editing, and she is particularly fond of working on fiction manuscripts. Rebecca has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Writing and Spanish and a Graduate Diploma in Professional Communications. She is also an IPEd accredited editor.

A published author of a Christmas sewing book, Rebecca loves ‘stitching up a storm’ in her spare time!

Simone Feiler

Simone Feiler

With a career spanning over 30 years in regional and metropolitan radio, Simone Feiler is a highly experienced audio professional. Recently, she has diversified into audiobook production – helping authors make their dream of turning their printed manuscript into an audiobook a reality. Working from her fully-equipped Brisbane recording studio, Simone offers a relaxing environment to bring out the best in authors who want to narrate their own books. Alternatively, she has industry connections with a range of professional voice narrators.

Away from her studio, Simone enjoys working on her getting herself and others in shape!


Working with Kirsty on the design of my book was an enjoyable experience from start to finish. She had a very professional approach to my project. She listened closely to my viewpoint for the front and back covers and had great ideas for my book’s layout design.

Lindy Hardie
Author of 'Beyond the Dust: A Gardening Journal'

One of the ebook covers that Kirsty created for our client was a major contributing factor in capturing 675 new leads over one weekend. I find working with Kirsty super easy. I can handover files, give an outline of what I’m looking to achieve and know that I’ll get a quality solution back quickly.

Mick Cullen
Redcliffe Marketing Labs

Kirsty was a supportive and professional person to work with during the process of publishing my book. She gave me valuable advice regarding images, layout and cover design and her fee was very reasonable – worth every penny!

Jane Deakin
Author of 'Man of Steel'

I was delighted by the way Kirsty was able to take my written words and structure them into a well-organised and designed book. Her professional attitude and enthusiastic support made self publishing my book, easy and stress-free.

Alison McGrath
Author of 'Getting the Right Balance'

When I started writing my book I had no idea how complicated the process would be. Kirsty proved to be such an important part of my self publishing journey. If you want to write a book and you are looking for someone to guide you through the process, she is your ideal choice!

Nick Schuster
Author of 'Why am I in Pain?'

Patrice is a meticulous editor and very easy to work with. I have always appreciated her friendly and well informed advice, as well as her ability to meet deadlines without reminders. I have no hesitation in recommending Patrice’s editing and proofreading services.

Susan Skowronski (Author)

While editing and proofreading the third novel in my ‘Daughters of the Wind’ series, Patrice demonstrated that she possesses a great passion for the written word. Her editing skills, and work ethic are exemplary and professional.

Carmel Rowley (Author)