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Brisbane Self Publishing Service is a one-stop, self-publishing company providing author publishing services, including editing, book design, ebook conversion, audiobook production and book printing. Our priority is to ensure that you get exactly what you want for your published book. With our friendly, down-to-earth approach, we aim to support and empower writers on their self-publishing journey.

Meet the Team

Brisbane Self Publishing Service is managed by editor and publication designer, Kirsty Ogden – with assistance from editor and copywriter, Patrice Shaw. More recently, accredited editors and proofreaders, Charlotte Cottier, Rebecca McCallion and Lee Ellwood have also become referral partners for the business.

Kirsty and Patrice originally met at the University of Southern Queensland while studying for a post-graduate qualification in Editing and Publishing. They were delighted to discover they shared a passion for books and had a similar approach to editing and publishing so they formed their publication partnership.

Over time, this strategic alliance has continued to evolve, with ghostwriter/editor, Judy Fredriksen, and audiobook professional, Simone Feiler, also making a contribution to the Brisbane Self Publishing Service team.

Kirsty Ogden

Kirsty Ogden

A professional publication designer and editor, Kirsty Ogden loves supporting writers to self publish a high-quality and attractively presented book. With over 30 years’ industry experience in graphic design, desktop publishing, editing and librarianship, she has indepth knowledge and expertise in all aspects of book publication.

A self-confessed bibliophile, Kirsty acknowledges the many benefits of ebooks but her preference is always for printed books.

Patrice Shaw

Patrice Shaw

Patrice Shaw is a freelance editor, proofreader and copywriter. Devoted to the written word, fiction is her first love but she can be coerced to edit all types of writing. She has worked with authors who have self-published books in the following genres: thrillers, history, children’s fiction, fantasy, young adult, short stories, memoir, women’s interests, self-help and general fiction.

Patrice has a way with words and enjoys reading grammar books for fun!

Charlotte Cottier

Charlotte Cottier

With a background in business administration and academia, Charlotte Cottier is an experienced editor who enjoys working with both fiction and non-fiction authors. Helping writers and researchers to tell their stories, whether real or imaginary, is her special superpower! Charlotte has a Master of Arts in Editing and Publishing degree and qualified as an Accredited Editor with the Institute of Professional Editors in 2012.

In her spare time, Charlotte loves honing her word and number skills with cryptic crosswords and sudoku puzzles.

Lee Ellwood

Lee Ellwood

Lee Ellwood enjoys working with non-fiction authors – helping them develop their writing to its best possible form. An Accredited Editor with the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd), Lee has a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Creative Writing and a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Electronic Publishing. Her childhood fascination with the rhythm and mechanics of language has never waned.

When she’s not editing other writers’ words, Lee is a quilter, visual arts dabbler, compulsive book-buyer and beginner cellist.

Rebecca McCallion

Rebecca McCallion

With experience in content writing, publication design and editorial roles, both in Australia and Europe, Rebecca McCallion is a talented publishing creative. Her expertise includes book, magazine and academic editing, and she is particularly fond of working on fiction manuscripts. Rebecca has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Writing and Spanish and a Graduate Diploma in Professional Communications. She is also an IPEd Accredited Editor.

A published author of a Christmas sewing book, Rebecca loves ‘stitching up a storm’ in her spare time!

Judy Fredriksen

Judy Fredriksen

A lifelong lover of writing and storytelling, Judy Fredriksen loves helping fiction authors to craft their manuscripts into an intriguing tale that will keep readers mesmerised. Always mindful of the creative process and its sometimes unconventional approach to storytelling, Judy combines her extensive knowledge of all aspects of narrative writing with formal editing qualifications, backed by a decade of copywriting experience.

Judy’s editing credits include Sundowner of the Skies which was short listed in the NSW Premier’s History Awards in 2020.

Simone Feiler

Simone Feiler

With a career spanning over 30 years in radio presentation, Simone Feiler is a highly experienced audio professional who helps authors produce and distribute their printed manuscript in audiobook format. Working from her fully-equipped Brisbane recording studio, Simone offers a relaxing environment to bring out the best in authors wanting to narrate their own books. She also has industry connections with a range of professional voice narrators for authors who prefer this option.

Away from her recording studio, Simone enjoys working on getting herself and others into shape!


I am currently self-publishing my second novel with the assistance of Kirsty and Patrice from Brisbane Self Publishing Service. From manuscript editing to book design and all the way through to a finished book, you would have to go a long way to find more professional, committed and genuine people to assist you with your publishing project. Self-publishing can be a lonely road but during all stages of the process I felt like this team had my back. And the post publication support makes me feel like they’re not just interested in my business, but in my success.

Sarah Fisher

author of Dragonscale series

By the time I found Brisbane Self Publishing Service, I was at the end of my rope. I had not realised when I wrote my book what a minefield of money, lack of skills and some complete shysters I was to encounter when it came to getting it published.  It’s a very complicated book from a publishing perspective but, much to my relief, Kirsty and Patrice have delivered on all counts. They have been able to competently handle everything, answer my questions and reassure me at each point in the process. I wish I’d found them first, instead of third! 

Robyn Noble

author of 'Breastfeeding Works'

Kirsty and the Brisbane Self Publishing team were so helpful in the whole process from editing to publishing of my mum’s children’s book series: Fun in the Music Room. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to publish any type of book.

Kathy Allen

(on behalf of her mother, Margaret Bennett-Hall)

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the wonderful and dedicated team at Brisbane Self Publishing Service. Kirsty and Patrice supported me throughout the book publishing journey for my first novel. I found the standard of their work to be very high and Kirsty was always available to explain various phases of the publishing process to me. I’m looking forward to working again with Brisbane Self Publishing Service for my follow-up book and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to self-publish.

Dorothy Catherine Bowden

author of 'A Wigwam for a Goose's Bridle

Thank you for making the publishing process so easy for me. This was my first book and it was an absolute pleasure working with Kirsty and Patrice from Brisbane Self Publishing Service. Patrice (the editor) provided professional suggestions while leaving room to decide what would work best in regards to my writing style. Kirsty’s expertise and advise on the technical aspects and design of the book were excellent. I could not have asked for better service.

Ingrid Renton

author of 'Which Is It?'

Professional, client-focused, skilled, impressive attention to detail, informative, courteous and immensely helpful, all come to mind in describing my experience dealing with the Brisbane Self Publishing Service team.

Carl Spence

author of 'The Girl from Jeparit' & 'Thomas J Greer, PI'

Professional, friendly, expert advice for any book project. Brisbane Self Publishing Service is the ultimate service for the self-publishing author: they support you to produce your book and make your vision real. But it’s your book and you’re in the driving seat.

Dr Judy Gregory

author of 'Newbies in the Cafe'

We had an excellent experience with self-publishing my mother’s memoir: ‘Collective Guilt?’. Expert advice and assistance from Kirsty made the entire process flow very smoothly. Highly recommended!

Ralf Dietzgen

(on behalf of his mother, Erika Oesterle)

Kirsty and Patrice from Brisbane Self Publishing Service are the most wonderful professionals I have ever met! They knew exactly what I wanted for my children’s book – every single detail. They helped to make my story into a beautiful book! Thank you both so much!

Maria Dekterva-Plant

author of 'The Tale of the Rainbow Kite'

Thanks for everything, Kirsty. You have done a great job with my two books and though you may not realise it, you help to bring many author’s dreams to fruition. Keep up the good work!

Jill Claybourn

author of 'How it Looks From Here', 'It Begins With This' and 'He Wore a Ring'