Audiobook Production

As a self-publishing author, you’re probably keen to get your manuscript produced as a printed book and/or ebook. But you may not be aware there are lots of people who are eager to hear your story rather than reading your written words? These days, our busy lives means that audiobooks are an ideal way of sharing your message with a large (and often time-poor) audience.

At Brisbane Self Publishing Service we can advise you about how to professionally record your published manuscript to produce a high-quality audiobook so it’s ready for online distribution and sales.

Steps Involved in Audiobook Production

Recording your Audiobook
Either you or a professional voice narrator reads the text of your final manuscript. The most successful way to produce a high-quality audiobook is to read a PDF version of your manuscript via an iPad/tablet or as an ebook via Kindle/phone. This will ensure that there is minimal noise other than vocals being recorded in the studio. Each chapter or section of your book is recorded individually.

Editing the Recorded Audio Soundtrack
Your book is saved and edited chapter by chapter by a sound engineer. This process includes proofing the soundtrack to erase any errors such as swallowing noises, coughing, stutters etc. For every hour of reading/recording time, it takes an equal amount of time to edit the audio soundtrack files.

Production of Audiobook File
All of the recorded chapters/sections of your book are inputted to our state-of-the-art audio processor to ensure the correct levels and dynamics for uploading quality of your completed audiobook. Your audiobook chapter files are then converted to a high-quality MP3 format suitable for final output and superior upload/distribution.

Distribution of your Completed Audiobook
We can provide your final MP3 audio file directly to you for self-distribution. Alternatively, we can assist you to distribute your audiobook for online sales via such sites as Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

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