Book Cover Design Packages

We offer self-publishing authors the following book cover design packages:

Design Options for your Book Cover

As a self-published author, an effective cover design is critical to the ultimate success of your book; it serves as a powerful marketing tool for your carefully crafted written work. Your book’s cover is an invitation to readers to journey into the special world and the characters that you’ve created.

The more information you can provide us about your book (including its genre and your preferences regarding colour palettes and font styles), the more likely it is that we will be able to produce an eye-catching cover design which resonates with you and your readers.

For more complex book covers designs (particularly for novels), we recommend use high-resolution stock images for either the front cover ‘hero photograph’ or as another key graphic element within the cover design.

Commissioning a professional photoshoot for your book cover will produce imagery that is exclusively yours. Likewise, engaging a professional illustrator to create original artwork illustrations for you will mean that your book’s cover design will be one-of-a-kind. However, given that both these creative options can be expensive, using stock images for the book cover usually proves to be a much more cost-effective alternative for most authors.

A practical and affordable solution to ensuring that your book cover design is unique involves combining several stock images and then manipulating them within Photoshop to seamlessly produce a new professional-looking artwork file.