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Book Cover Design

Your book deserves the best shot at success. A well-designed front and back book cover will greatly increase your chances of targeting your specific reading audience and achieving good sales results. On average, most readers will only spend a few seconds glancing at your book cover. Therefore, the challenge is to quickly convince them to buy your book via an eye-catching cover design.

Book cover design process

At Brisbane Self Publishing Service our book cover design process follows four stages:

  1. Consultation: What is the one key idea that you want potential readers to glean from your book’s cover? We consult with you to develop a good understanding about your book’s theme before launching into the design for the front and back covers of your book. We can advise with image selection for your book’s front cover and purchase a high-resolution, royalty-free photo/illustration from an online image library on your behalf. In addition, we can assist you with either copywriting or editing your back cover blurb and author bio.
  2. Design: Following on from the initial briefing consultation, we’ll send you several different versions of your cover design. All stock images or artwork we use are high resolution and copyright-cleared. The finished cover design is for your exclusive use only, and can be adapted for all ebook and print book formats.
  3. Revision: Great design is always a two-way process between the designer and client. In response to your feedback to our initial drafts, we’ll rework your book cover design. We provide you with several revisions of your selected design so that you’re happy with the final result.
  4. Approval: Once you’ve authorised the completed design, we’ll deliver the final book cover design to you as a press-ready PDF file. At this point we can also obtain a printing quote from the trade printing company we work closely with.

Our fee for cover design projects (which includes creating the front and back covers, plus calculating the correct spine width) ranges from $250 to $950. This fee is dependent on your book’s genre and complexity of your overall design concept. Check out our Overview of Book Design Fees PDF for more details. To obtain a personalised quote for your book, please contact us.

In addition, check out this case study blog post which describes in detail how we created an attractive cover design for an author clients:

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