Book Editing Packages

We offer authors the following book editing packages to review and/or polish your draft Word manuscript.

Editing Options for your Book Manuscript

Naturally, we recommend that you publish your book to the highest standard possible. However, we also understand everyone has budget constraints. In this way, you may not have sufficient funds available to undertake an in-depth edit of your draft manuscript.

If you’ve written a family history or personal memoir for your family members or friends only, then you probably don’t need to commit to the full editing process. For these types of book projects, a copyedit or editorial proofread (Light Makeover package) is the most cost-effective option.

On the other hand, if you’re keen to sell your book and ensure it appeals to a wide reading audience, our full editing package (Full Works package) is a  worthwhile investment to your long-term success as an author.

Before deciding on the type of editing service you require, you should always ask yourself the question: ‘Who is the intended audience for my book?’ Doing this will help you to decide on the overall standard you want for your published book, including the level of editorial attention your manuscript requires.

Pricing Structure for Professional Editing Fees

All our editing fees are based on the total word count, plus complexity (i.e. writing standard, genre considerations) of your draft manuscript.

Fees range from 1—3 cents per word for copyediting and/or proofreading services (our Light Makeover package), and 2—4 cents per word for structural editing services (our Full Works package).

For more information about what’s involved in the editing stage, download a copy of our FREE resource: TO THE POINT: The Three Stages of Editing.