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Book Editing Packages

We offer our self-publishing author clients the following book editing packages:

Editing Options for your Manuscript

We recommend that you aim to publish your book to the highest standard possible, but we understand that you might not have the funds to undertake an in-depth edit of your manuscript. Moreover, if you have written a family history or personal memoir which is intended to be read only by your family members or friends, it is probably not necessary to commit to a full editing process (our The Full Works package) for your book. For these types of publishing projects, your manuscript might only require a light edit (our The Light Makeover package). However, if your intention is to produce a high quality publication that will appeal to a wide range of readers, our full editing package is a very worthwhile investment.

Before deciding what sort of editing service you require, you should always ask yourself the question – ‘Who is the intended audience for my book?’ – as this will help you to determine the publication standard your book requires and hence the level of editing your manuscript should undergo. Likewise, you should consider the following points in relation to your book: its genre; its publication style (i.e. text only or text and graphics) and its publication format (i.e. printed book, Print on Demand, ebook).

Our editing fees for book publishing projects are based on the total word count, plus complexity of manuscript. They range from 1 – 6 cents per word for copyediting and proofreading services, and 2 – 7 cents per word for structural editing services.

To find out more about our book editing services for your manuscript, please contact us.

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