Book Marketing

Congratulations – after all your hard work,  you’ve reached the finish line of your self-publishing journey and you’re ready to launch your book into the world! Now it’s time to sit back and celebrate your hard-won success while basking in the glory of being a published author.

But what do you do after the launch party is over and you’ve given away printed copies of your book to family and friends? How can you spread the word about your book and get it into readers’ hands?

Book Marketing Packages

To support you in promoting your book to readers, we offer the following three book marketing package options. The purpose of these preliminary packages is simply to provide you with some basic first-step strategies to begin marketing your book.

In particular, our Create Social Sales Buzz and Build Sales Momentum packages are designed to establish your author brand identity so that you’ll have ‘all your ducks in a row’ to ensure future book sales. Our goal is to get you set up to sell your book (or books) online and then hand over the reigns so you can continue on in the long term.