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Seeing all your hard work culminate as a printed book you can hold in your hands is a truly magical experience. Now that you’ve accomplished your dream of becoming a published author, it’s time to pause for a moment and pat yourself on the back!

These days, printing books is a very different process to even a decade ago.  There are a lot more options for you to choose from, including short run digital printing, Print on Demand and traditional offset printing.

In the case of digital printing, you no longer have to commit to a large print run to keep the per-unit cost price of printed books low. For most authors, it is relatively affordable to order a small print run of their book (particularly in the case of books with black and white interior pages).

Book printing – Digital versus offset

Books can be printed in several different ways: sheet fed offset, roll fed offset or digital printing. The printing production process is typically based on the total number of books you require. Digital sheet fed printing is mostly used for short print runs of 50 to 2,000 books. Sheet feed offset printing is typically usually used for larger quantities of printed books (1,000+ books) in order to keep the cost per book down, while roll fed offset printing is the most cost effective method of all.

At Brisbane Self Publishing Service we can advise you on the best trim sizes, binding style, paper stock and cover finish (i.e. matte or gloss celloglaze/laminate) for your book. In addition, we can discuss with you the pros and cons of black and white versus full-colour interior printing or paperback versus hard cover.

We can also offer suggestions regarding an appropriate recommended retail price (RRP) and the total number of printed books you should order. We liaise on your behalf with local book printing companies for short run digital printing. Alternatively, if you’re interested in printing larger quantities of your book (over 1,000 books), we can organise offshore printing.

Print on Demand (POD)

Like many authors, financial or storage space considerations may mean that you’d prefer not to order any inventory (printed books),  In this case, we are able to assist you with getting your book set up for Print on Demand (POD) printing/distribution via IngramSpark and/or Amazon KDP Print.

For costs associated with setting up your published book for Print on Demand, see our Fee Structure for Post-Publication Services PDF.

To discuss printing options for your book, please contact us.

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