Do you have a message or story you want to share with the world? If so, our in-person workshops and online webinars can quickly clarify the (often confusing) process involved in self-publishing your book.

What’s the next step to launch your book manuscript?

For every manuscript that isn’t brought to life, a great opportunity is lost for the author … as well as for the reader who is looking to discover that right message at the right time. Yet figuring out where to start to get your manuscript published and into readers’ hands can often leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed.

Possibly you’re feeling worried that you won’t do things properly? You’re unsure about the correct process involved in self-publishing your manuscript. Plus, you don’t want to waste valuable time (and money) going down a blind alley. In fact, you may have been so focused on not doing anything wrong that you’ve ended up doing nothing at all!

But never fear! Our self-publishing workshops and webinars will shine a light on this topic. As a result, you’ll feel confident to move forward with all the steps involved in preparing your book manuscript for publication.


Anyone can self-publish a book these days but not everyone understands how to do it well.

To help authors to unravel the mysteries of book publication, we’ve developed a straightforward 5-step framework called Let’s Get Published Framework® which streamlines the self-publishing process.

During this 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn about all the stages involved in transforming your manuscript into a published book via our proprietary Let’s Get Published Framework®. Attendee numbers have been restricted to 15 people. This will ensure that you’ll have an opportunity to receive hands-on advice about your own book project.

And for your reference, at the end of the workshop you’ll receive a BONUS paperback copy of Let’s Get Published: The Self-Publishing Playbook (RRP=$17.50).

Maybe you’ve already completed your manuscript and are keen to get your book launched straightaway. Or possibly you’ve only written a few chapters of your book (or you’re still in the early planning stages) but you’d like to find out what’s ahead. Regardless of your current situation, the LET’S GET PUBLISHED Workshop will show you how you can take that all-important first step on your self-publishing journey.


Below are the details for our upcoming LET’S GET PUBLISHED Workshop (including the link to buy your ticket).

DATE: Friday 4th August 2023
TIME: 10.00 am – 11.30 am
VENUE:  Banyo Library meeting room 2, 284 St Vincents Road, Banyo
WORKSHOP FEE: $32.50 (includes BONUS paperback copy of Let’s Get Published: The Self-Published Playbook)

Praise from previous workshop attendees


Thank you Kirsty and Patrice for a well-balanced presentation on book publishing.

Kay Rees

The planning that went into the workshop and the information provided was very comprehensive. I appreciated the way in which Kirsty and Patrice were so patient with answering the numerous questions asked by the audience members. Highly recommended!

Amber Schrodter

I knew nothing about self publishing prior to attending the LET’S GET PUBLISHED workshop. It definitely answered all of my questions about the book publishing process.

Jessica Lacey