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Do you have a story or message you want to share with the world? No doubt there are readers out there who’d be receptive to your words and ready to be enlightened (or entertained). And every manuscript that isn’t brought to life means an opportunity lost for the author … as well as for the reader who is seeking that right message at the right time.

You know it’s important to get your book into readers’ hands. Yet the enormity of the task can leave you feeling overwhelmed and also worried that you might be doing things wrong. You’re not sure about the steps involved publishing your manuscript properly and you don’t want to waste valuable time (and money) going down a blind alley. And possibly you’ve been so focused in not doing anything wrong that you’ve ended up doing nothing at all!

LET’S GET PUBLISHED Self-Publishing Online Workshop

At Brisbane Self Publishing Service, we think it’s a shame that many aspiring authors’ manuscripts never get to ‘see the light of day’. That’s why we’ve developed our unique book-publication framework – The Five ‘C’s of Self Publishing. This system offers a practical, user-friendly approach which demystifies the process of self-publishing a book. And, to kick start this process, we’ve bundled up this information and presented it in an easy-to-understand format in our LET’S GET PUBLISHED Self-Published Workshop. During the workshop, you’ll learn about all of the stages required to transform your manuscript into a printed book and/or ebook.

Whether you’ve already completed your manuscript or have only written a few chapters (or even if you are still in the early planning stages!), the LET’S GET PUBLISHED Self-Publishing Workshop is an ideal way to learn all the information you’ll need to take the first step (and more!) on your self-publishing journey.

Spotlight on … BOOK COVER DESIGN Online Workshop

People definitely do judge a book by its cover. The cover of your book is the most powerful marketing tool to grab your readers’ attention and entice them to want to buy it.

One key advantage of self-publishing for authors is that you have the final say on the ‘look and feel’ for your book’s cover. However, to achieve the best outcome, it’s important to have an understanding of the design process so you can brief your book cover designer and offer productive feedback.

During our Spotlight on … BOOK COVER DESIGN online workshop workshop, you’ll learn about various design principles and processes involved in creating a high-quality book cover. We’ll also be reviewing five case studies so you’ll have an opportunity to ‘peek under the hood’ and observe the step-by-step cover design process, from initial client brief through to the final published book.

Whether you’ve keen to DIY your own book cover or you plan to engage the services of a professional book designer, the Spotlight on … BOOK COVER DESIGN  online workshop is an ideal way to gain some insight so you can make an informed decision on this crucial publishing step.


Below are the details for our upcoming LET’S GET PUBLISHED Online Workshop (including the link to register).

DATE: Tuesday 4th May 2021
TIME: 10.00 am – 11.00 am (Brisbane time)
VENUE:  The comfort of your own home!

Please log into Zoom five minutes before the webinar commences and also ensure that your computer’s microphone and video settings are turned off.




I thought the workshop provided a thorough and detailed overview of self publishing.
Julia Fielding

The planning that went into the workshop and the information provided was very comprehensive. I appreciated the way in which Kirsty and Patrice were so patient with answering the numerous questions asked by the audience members. Highly recommended!

Amber Schrodter

Thank you Kirsty and Patrice for a well-balanced presentation on book publishing.

Kay Rees

I knew nothing about self publishing prior to attending the LET’S GET PUBLISHED workshop. It definitely answered all of my questions about the book publishing process.

Jessica Lacey