Many new authors think that once they’ve finished the first draft of their manuscript, an editor will ‘fix’ everything for them and that their book will be immediately ready for publication. This is a common misunderstanding of an editor’s role in book publishing.

Editing your manuscript is a  collaborative process between you and your editor. While an editor has professional expertise in the mechanics of the English langauge, they will always be mindful that you are the author of your book.

As a writer you want your writing to be completely accessible to your readers; you want your thoughts and ideas to be conveyed without ambiguity. However, you’ve been closely wrapped up in your work for so long that it can be hard to see it now with an objective eye. This is where a professional editor can be a vaulable resource.

At Brisbane Self Publishing Service we offer three types of editing services to writers:

  1. Structural editing (also referred to as developmental editing)
  2. Copyediting (also referred to as line editing)
  3. Proofreading.

Structural editing

During the structural editing process, we provide constructive feedback about the overall direction of your manuscript. We suggest changes that will make your book tighter and more cohesive.

Typically, this process includes such recommendations as:

  • re-writing certain sections and/or changing the order of your ideas (or whole chapters of your book)
  • elaborating on an idea, trimming something down, or even deleting whole sections of your manuscript that are redundant
  • pointing out inconsistencies in point-of-view, verb tense or continuity, and making suggestions about how best to fix them
  • providing feedback on plot, character development, dialogue, pacing, tone, language level and more.

We also review your manuscript from a legal perspective to guard against any potential defamation issues or copyright infringements.


Copyediting requires an ‘eagle eye’ attention to detail. It involves reading every line of your manuscript, word by word, to correct any grammatical, typographical, spelling and punctuation errors.

During the copyediting process, we suggest changes to avoid repetition, fix clumsy word choice and enhance clarity in order to improve your writing. We also examine word usage and sentence structure to make sure your intended message is expressed clearly and concisely. Finally, we undertake fact-checking to ensure all names, dates, locations and numerical data are accurate and your manuscript does not contain any embarrassing omissions or mistakes.

If required, we can also create an editorial style sheet for you, noting such details as preferred spellings, how numbers are shown, and how abbreviations and initials are written, so they appear consistently throughout your book.

Unless otherwise requested, we follow Australian standards for grammar and spelling (with reference to the Macquarie Dictionary).


The proofreading stage is the final quality check and ‘tidy up’ after your Word document has been formatted/typeset using Adobe InDesign.

During the proofreading process, we review your typeset book for consistency in grammar and page layout presentation, as well as accuracy in the text and images.

The proofreading stage is the final opportunity for you to make any last-minute revisions to the text. This is because, once the typesetting stage has been completed, your book is ready for printing (and/or conversion to ebook format) so it’s expensive for you to make any major changes at this point in the publication process.

Book Editing Packages

Our professional editing and proofreading service will ensure that your manuscript is highly polished so your written text gleams brightly. We offer to a range of book editing packages (either as a stand-alone service or incorporated in a comprehensive self-publishing quote) to help you to prepare your Word manuscript for publication.

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