Brisbane-based events for indie authors

Writing a book can be a lonely endeavour. By its very nature, being an author is a solitary occupation. The creative process of getting words on the page means you have to spend many hours tapping away at a keyboard on your own. But authors need support and connection so they can greatly benefit from being involved in a collaborative and vibrant community of like-minded people.

Since Brisbane Self Publishing Service was launched in 2014, we’ve found that focusing on building connections with other industry publishing professionals is beneficial for our clients. It’s also meant we now have access to a trusted team of specialist service providers (including illustrators, Photoshop artists, ebook conversion and audiobook specialists, and printers) who we can call on whenever the need arises.

A Central Hub for Brisbane Indie Authors

A cornerstone principle of Brisbane Self Publishing Service has been to establish a central hub for local indie authors.

From the outset, a key objective of our business has been to create a supportive and nurturing environment for authors. In practical terms, this involves providing helpful self-publishing advice, as well as organising opportunities for authors to pool resources by sharing their success stories, as well as chatting about common issues and roadblocks. And to fulfill this objective, we offer a range of online and in-person events, including workshops and Meet and Mingle get-togethers . At these events, authors are able to learn more about the self-publishing process, as well as network with each other on an ad-hoc basis.

Feedback about our events from local authors

Thank you for providing a wonderful opportunity to meet authors and publishing service providers. Having a foot in both camps as an author and digital marketer, I found it very rewarding to be able to talk to others about this new self-publishing landscape.

Russell Perry

Thanks for inviting me to your Christmas Party. It was nice to chat to other people who are interested in the process of writing and publishing, and of course make some contacts that might be very helpful in the future.

Jill Claybourn

What a fabulous networking event hosted by Kirsty and Patrice! A great opportunity to mingle with like-minded folk and swap publishing stories, ideas and experiences. I also picked up some useful writing tips from other authors.

Owen Williamson

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