Publishing Consultations

As a first-time author you may feel overwhelmed about all the decisions involved in self-publishing your book. Numerous questions tend to crop up which can be challenging to find answers for …

  • Should my book manuscript be reviewed by an editor and what is the difference between editing and proofreading?
  • What is the most appropriate trim size for my printed book?
  • What book admin processes (including ISBNs, legal deposit etc) do I need to follow as a self-publishing author?
  • Which formats (i.e. locally printed books, offset printing, Print on Demand, ebook or audiobook) are the best options for distributing my published book to readers?
  • What type of internal paper stock or cover laminate finish is best for my printed book?
  • How can I create a cover design that will potentially transform my book into a bestseller?
  • Which publication steps do I need to follow if I want my book to be available for family and friends only? How does this differ if I want to sell my Print on Demand book and/or ebook via Amazon KDP, Draft2Digital or IngramSpark?

Publishing consultation to answer your book-related questions

The book publishing industry has undergone major changes over the past few decades. This, in turn, has meant it’s an increasingly complex world for authors (particularly first-time authors) to navigate.

While free online resources can be useful, relying solely on this approach isn’t enough for you to determine the best way forward. Inevitably, you’ll come up against some problem or scenario you can’t find a reliable answer for. At that point, it’s quite typical for any progress you’ve made to be derailed so you aren’t able to reach the finish line with your book publishing project.

This is where our author consultation sessions can help you. Having guided many authors through the complete publishing process for their book, we know what it takes for you to succeed.

No matter what stage you are currently at in your book publishing journey, we offer you insightful answers and advice. As a result, you’ll have a personalised publishing strategy to achieve your goals and successfully launch your book out into the world.

PUBLISHING CONSULTATIONS – Phone/Google Meet or in-person sessions

During our consultation sessions, we provide you with an overview of all the stages involved in self-publishing your book. We also recommend that you compile a list of specific questions about your book manuscript so we can answer them for you.

In addition, our in-person consultations give you an opportunity to check out some of the printed books we’ve helped previous clients to publish. This can be helpful in envisioning the ‘look and feel’ of your own published book.

Self-publishing appointments are held with Kirsty Ogden – publishing consultant and author of Let’s Get Published: The Self-Publishing Playbook. These sessions are conducted either via phone, Google Meet or in-person (authors in close proximity to Brisbane only) and are available Monday to Friday.

Publishing Consultation Fees

Fees for our personalised publishing consultations are listed below:

  • PHONE/GOOGLE MEET CONSULTATION (30-minute session, plus PDF copy of Let’s Get Publishing: The Self-Publishing Playbook) – $67
  • IN-PERSON CONSULTATION (60-minute session, plus printed copy of Let’s Get Published: The Self-Publishing Playbook) – $167

NOTE: The fee for either phone/Google Meet or in-person author consultations must be paid in advance to secure your booking.

Praise from Our Happy Clients

Having committed to writing a book to raise my professional profile, I was unsure about the specifics of publishing so I approached Brisbane Self Publishing Service for a 30-minute consultation. During our session, Kirsty explained all the self-publishing stages in an easy-to-understand manner so I now have a much clearer idea of what’s involved.

Cathy Dimarchos

Business owner, Solutions2You Consulting

Kirsty has a wealth of industry expertise and indepth knowledge about the self-publishing process. During our initial in-person consultation, she patiently explained the maze of networks, protocols and requirements involved in publishing my books.

Jim Reay

Author of ten self-published books

I got in touch with Brisbane Self Publishing Service to enquire about book publication for my client. Kirsty and I had a phone publishing consultation which went for approximately 35 minutes. I found Kirsty to be an exceptionally friendly professional who has a very good understanding of the book publishing industry.

Marsha Lake

Business Owner, Marsha Lake Secretarial Services

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