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Professional advice and support for self publishing authors

At Brisbane Self Publishing Service we work in partnership with you – guiding you through all of the self-publishing stages involved in transforming your Word document into a published book.

Decide on your publication goals for your book

Before embarking on your self-publishing journey, you need to make some important decisions about your goals for publishing your book. These include such considerations as:

  • Do you want your manuscript published as a printed book, Print on Demand (POD), an ebook, an audiobook or in all formats?
  • If you are publishing a printed book, will it be a hardback or paperback book?
  • What is the overall word count of your manuscript: short (less than 35,000 words); medium (between 35,000 and 100,000 words); or long (more than 100,000 words)?
  • Will your book have a simple text interior layout or a combination of text and images? Full colour throughout or a colour cover and black and white interior pages?
  • Does your book require additional graphics/artwork to illustrate your story or explain your concepts?
  • What style of cover design (i.e. text-based only, photographic or original artwork/illustration) do you want for your book?

At Brisbane Self Publishing Service we encourage you to think about your motivations for self publishing so you’re able to make an informed decision about the optimal format and print quantities for your book. Of course, all of these factors have to be balanced against your budget to ensure that your final book is published to the highest possible standard you can afford.

Our professional book production services

Our professional self-publishing services include:

In addition, we offer 30–90-minute personalised author self-publishing consultations either face-to-face (Brisbane-based authors only) or via Zoom online meeting or phone. During these sessions, we give you an overview of all the steps involved in producing a published book, as well as answering any specific questions you may have about the self-publishing process. Get in touch to book an author consultation and get started on your publishing journey.

Keen to start your self-publishing journey?

If you’d like to find out more about self publishing your book, please get in touch. We welcome the opportunity to chat with you about your book manuscript to hear about your publishing requirements and whether we’re a good match for each other. We’re always happy to provide some preliminary advice and explain how our professional editing and design services can help you to publish a top-quality book.

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