A self-publishing project I’ve been very proud to have been involved in was supporting CEO of The Hunger Project Australia, Cathy Burke, to publish her book: Unlikely Leaders: Lessons from the Village Classroom. This inspirational book describes the vital work that Cathy and others from the The Hunger Project organisation are doing to combat world poverty. A well-written book like this has the potential to transform many people’s lives.

The power of storytelling

Throughout history, it has been through the stories that we tell each other that we shape our own lives and those of our friends, families and communities around us. I firmly believe that inspirational books can act as a powerful vehicle for change within society – providing motivation, clarifying problems and challenging entrenched thinking patterns.

At a critical juncture in your life, the right book can offer you the courage to embark on a new venture, the reality check that you’re not yet ready to embrace change or the quiet affirmation that you’re not alone in your fears or ambitions. An inspirational book can set you on a path to happiness and a successful life.

Reasons for writing an inspirational book

Overcoming adversity

During our lives we may have to cope with heartbreaking challenges – the death of a loved one, chronic illness, unemployment or financial difficulties. Sharing what you did to overcome your problems or how your positive attitude uplifted those around you during a challenging time in your life can have a powerful influence on your audience.

Personal development

Whether it took you months or a lifetime, we’ve all encountered a powerful learning experience we think might be helpful for others to hear about. Maybe there are things you would have done differently in hindsight or maybe you want to instil hope in others so that they can triumph in their own lives. Your wisdom can help others grow in similar situations.

The incentive of good leadership

Has your leadership motivated others to take action? Whatever the actual circumstances, we all have pride-worthy moments of leadership we can share with others to light their path in life.

Sharing your experiences or life story can help readers to identify how you made decisions and why; what wisdom you gained as a result of your particular challenge or journey; and what things made it possible for you to grow and change – transforming into a stronger and more mature person.

Readers want to be able to share your insights so that they have a better understanding of how they can make positive decisions and solve their problems. Even if you are a fiction author, you can write stories that demonstrate how you’ve worked at understanding challenges and give your audience information which they, in turn, can apply in their own lives. Consider your readers as your future self and aim to inspire and encourage them with your words.