In today’s rapidly changing business scene, business cards are becoming passé as many people recognise the benefits of self publishing a book to boost their professional reputation. Without exception, clients are thrilled to be handed a copy of a book you have written and the very fact that you are the author implies that you know what you are talking about.

Writing a book can have a huge impact on your business by helping to position you as a thought-leader and key person of influence within your particular specialty or field.

Publish a book to enhance your professional reputation

A book can actively improve your professional and/or business reputation in the following ways:

Enhanced credibility

Being the author of a book exponentially boosts your level of credibility. After writing a book, clients and potential clients view you as an expert on that subject.
Increased knowledge: The very act of researching and writing a book will increase your knowledge of a particular field.

Increased client base

Many business owners claim that becoming a published author helps them to attract more clients and increase their fees. Establishing yourself as an author is a great way to make your talents more visible so that you stand out from others in the same field.

Additional income stream

Selling the book to clients who may want to share your knowledge helps to create an income stream separate from your actual business.

Marketing and PR

A book increases your marketing and public relations options. By becoming a published author you have positioned yourself as an expert in your industry. Consequently, people are more likely to seek you out for quotes and to take part in articles and radio and television shows. This in turn has the effect of getting your name ‘out there’.

How to self publish a successful business book

To produce a book that creates positive leveraging opportunities, business owners should ensure that:

  • The title of the book grabs readers’ attention by being descriptive, thought-provoking or in some other way attracting the audience’s interest.
  • The book is easy to read, well-written and professionally edited with careful attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.
  • It is written in plain English and avoids using scientific or technical terminology or jargon which could alienate readers.
  • The layout and design are professional-looking with an eye catching book cover.