Self publishing is a way in which authors and writer can get their story or message to an audience more quickly, more effectively, more lucratively and with greater control than traditional book publishing routes. If you self publish your manuscript, you retain the intellectual property and copyright of your book and get to keep 100 per cent of the royalties.

As a self published author, you have complete say over every aspects of the publishing and production of your book(s). Consequently, the final decision regarding format, page and cover design, paper stock, and finish and binding style rests with you.

Self publishing benefits for authors

By choosing to self publish your manuscript, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

Complete ownership of your intellectual property

No one else shares your enthusiasm for your own work. Why give a third party, with different interests and priorities, the final say? As a self published author, you retain all ownership rights including copyright and IP rights.

Retain all sales revenue

With traditional publishing, you often make only 5 – 15 per cent royalty; however, self published authors usually recoup 25 – 100 per cent of the purchase price.

Furthermore, once your book is successful in the marketplace, you can negotiate with a larger publisher from a position of experience and strength.

Quick publication turnaround time

By self publishing, you get to see your book in print within a few weeks or, at most, a few months after completing your manuscript. Traditional publishers often work on an 18-month production timetable.

Control over design and printing formats

Not all writers publish to make a profit. Maybe you just want to leave a legacy with your family or share your experience and/or knowledge with friends and your local community. With self publishing, you can control the ‘look and feel’ of your book and the format in which it is printed.

Self publishing benefits for readers

Self publishing may reduce the price that you market your book at, it may be more convenient, and it may increase the connection you can have with your readers.

Self-publishing is easier now with the options and affordability of e-publishing platforms. Whether you are new to writing or have written and published traditionally before, you should ensure that you are well informed about the self publishing process. After all, without your readers, your book will be ignored and won’t ever receive the recognition it hopefully deserves.