People definitely do judge a book by its cover. The front cover of your book is a powerful marketing tool for grabbing your readers’ attention and enticing them to want to buy it.

One key advantage of self-publishing for authors is that you get to have the final say on the ‘look and feel’ of your book’s cover. However, to achieve the best outcome, it’s important to have an initial understanding of the design process. This in turn will mean you can effectively brief your book cover designer and offer productive feedback.

During our Spotlight on BOOK COVER DESIGN webinar, you’ll learn about various design principles and processes involved in creating a high-quality book cover. In addition, five case studies will be showcased. So you’ll have an opportunity to ‘peek under the hood’ and observe the step-by-step cover design process, from initial client brief through to the final published book.

Whether you’ve keen to DIY your own book cover or you plan to engage the services of a professional book designer, the Spotlight on BOOK COVER DESIGN webinar is an ideal way to gain insight to help you make an informed decision on this crucial publishing step.


Below are the details for our upcoming Spotlight on BOOK COVER DESIGN webinar (including the link to register).

DATE: Wednesday 18th November
TIME: 10.00 am – 11.00 am
VENUE:  The comfort of your own home!

NOTE: Please ensure that you have turned off your computer’s microphone and video settings when you join the webinar.